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Building Connections

Our services allow you to connect easily with new and existing clients locally, nationally and internationally. If you are looking to create an online presence, expand your customer base and keep clients updated with current affairs, then we can help.

Website Services

Website Design

Our websites are affordable, professional and designed with your company at it’s core. We want to make our websites special for you, your company and your customers. This is why we spend time with you, working out if there are any unique features, a specific feel or certain characteristic’s that you are looking to achieve.




Our Logos are designed with your company’s image, ethos and character in mind. We believe that your logo portraits your company to the public, so it is important that we get the right image across. Here at LynxDesign we discuss your personal desires to ensure that we understand exactly what you want, this helps us design a logo that you will be proud of.


Search Engine Optomisation

Search engine optimisation is a very important part of making your website stand out from the competition! With smart SEO parameters and clever marketing techniques we can boost your rankings on search engines, helping your company strive forward and reach out to new customers.



Maintaining a website will keep your customers up to date with current products and services. It also allows you to show off your current projects and most recent work, all of these elements combined help to achieve a professional presence and greater chance of selling products or services.

Don't Be Shy

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